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Generality on Croatia

Croatia is a country with an area of about 56,600.00 km2.
Its population is about 4 million.
The population density is about 75 inhabitants per km2
The main religion is Christian Catholic. There are some Orthodox and Muslim communities.
It has been part of the European Union since 2013.

The currency is the “kuna” in translation “the marten” which is the symbolic animal of the country. The pennies are called “lipa” which means lime, which was historically the sacred tree of the Croats before their Christianize.

For parity, it takes 7.5 kuna per 1 euro.
We recommend that you exchange in the country itself but not in the major places of arrival in the country (airports, seaports, …).
In Montenegro the currency is the euro and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the convertible mark (2 KM – 1 euro).

The telephone code is 00385. Don’t forget to remove the “0” from local numbers which is an internal number in countries all over Europe.

Hygiene is of very good quality. You can drink tap water without a problem (unless otherwise indicated at the fountain level in nature).

There are no security issues. This does not mean that you should not pay attention to your belongings (close your car, your home when you are not there) but on the street there is no risk of being assaulted.

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