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Our philosophy is to create stays and circuits that care for exclusivity and flexibility.

We take special care in communication, thus defining new solutions, tailor-made for groups or individuals. Our new approach aims to preserve the human dimension of travel in all its plurality, combining culture, nature and gastronomy. Experience and originality are the preferred ingredients of the MICE sector. Our way of working allows us to develop incentives, conventions and conventions while offering a full range of services that are close to our customers’ expectations.

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Sveta Ana, a beautiful story…


The travel agency Sveta Ana was founded in 2013 by Roger Schlachter.


Roger Schlachter enjoys dual Franco-Croatian nationality. He grew up in France and Germany and eventually settled in Dubrovnik. He also started in the field as a guide, then guide-lecturer to open a first company that collaborated with travel agencies in Dubrovnik in the development of their French-speaking market and finally opened their own agency surrounded a young and dynamic team, with a great knowledge of the field, in order to be able to fully express their vision and their love of the art of creating unforgettable experiences.


The name “Sveta Ana” means “Saint Anne” who is the holy protector of the Konavle region located south of Dubrovnik where the agency has its headquarters. The logo of our agency illustrates the alloy between our roots in traditions and modernism, which is found at all levels in Croatia. The wings invite dreams and movement.




A new etiquette…


The first aspiration of the travel agency Sveta Ana is to distinguish itself from the standardized and industrial spirit of tourism in Croatia. Travelling is an experience that enriches the mind. Our ethic is therefore to put man at the centre and to give the journey its full dimension. Sveta Ana is the only independent Croatian receptive agency specializing in the French-speaking market. Our programs are always designed with a desire for transparency and modesty in the margins. Our prices are given according to the offers of our partners, which we have carefully selected, with which we have negotiated and which we quote in our programs, in order to guarantee you a fair price and the best possible value for money. Since we are all different, every request for individuals, special interest groups or companies is treated with great attention and tailor-made. For sustainable tourism, but above all: honest.


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